Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hello people!!

i have finally got the twitter bug.. i cant go a day without tweeting!! its so cool because u get to follow ur fav celebs and if u r lucky enough, they may actually reply you. i also know when they are streaming live!! its really cool.

anyway, its been awhile i know. i have been dulling. its rather sad. i am currently scouting for a new apartment so that is what has been taking my time and money. plus i think i am gonna quit from my current job. i am never working in retail ever again. the costumers are always right until they are proven stupid. i am working in the store so it makes sense that i will know where things are kept right? but nooo; some people just have to argue and try to do my job for me.. arghh!!

my daddy is a very funny man. lol. i told him that i need to get the black berry and that it only costs about $400. this is how the convo went

me- hi daddy
dad- hello my love. i guess you want something?
me- (innocent voice) ahh!! daddy am hurt! how can you say that?? can't i just call you?
dad- ha! u just call?? remember the last time you just called? you wanted some money..
me- i dont know about that daddy. i jst called to say that i love you--
dad- and i love you to.. so how much this time?
me- since you asked.. i want to change my phone..
dad- what wrong with your current phone?
me- nothing.. i just dont like it anymore?
d- is that so?? ok.. can u send txts with your phone?
me-yes daddy
d-can u call people with it?
me-yes daddy..
d- and u can take pictures with it yes?
me- yes daddy..
d- then you dont need a phone

i was like omg!!! tough much?? anyway after much begging.. this is the email i got.

"the new phone in question is still under consideration. i have attached in this email a letter headed paper and the format in which i want you to send an email to me. i want you to clearly state 10 reasons why you need this blackberry phone. i want it double spaced and in a size ten font. send a copy to my P.A and she will know what to do."

lmao!! i called my mum o! she just started laughing and told me to as i was "instructed" so i am still writing the letter o! now i am thinking the phone isn't worth it :-P 
suggestions anyone??



Fabulo-la said...

Reason #1: Ur fone has been rendered technologicaly incapable to...
ok maybe the fone is not worth it..

Uzezi said...

very funny. maybe u should tell him theres a guy who is seriously wooing u with that phone. and u dont wanna be indepted to any guy cos of a phone.

lol. dont say that o.

1. phone is in vogue
2. it has more features ur present phone dont have will raise ur level
4. daddy can afford to give u
5. its ur benefit as daddy's child.

ok, i don tire.

Afrobabe said...

I refuse to be bitten by the twitter bug, blogger is enough of an addiction…beware…IT RULES YOUR LIFE…lmao..
Lol @ ur dad…Just write the letter sounding as official as you can…I would write ten if it would get me a blackberry which I didn't want till yesterday!!

1. The phone is very serious...helps with studies ((dont say how))

2. Keeps you busy so you dont need to go out ((dont say how))

3. You have accepted it as the a present for all the birthday presents he has ever missed..

4. Your present phone developed a virus after you spoke with him ((dont say how))!!!

You can thank me later!!!

Anonymous said...

y is every post i read?huh?anyway...ur dads really funny...yeah..some times like this i start thinking that it isnt worth it.

Elusivebabe said...

Loool...your dad is too much. As far as blackberry's are concerned....I refuse to follow the masses.

Tisha said...

if you want the phone, you better send it
and make sure there are practical reasons...

nameless said...

lmao!! u guys are really funny!! and fabulo-la and uzezi; if i start like that there is a 50% chance that the phone is as good as mine!
i will show you guys my draft in the next post before i send it to oga nd his P.A lol!


Gee said...

lmao...ur daddy is hilarious!
well wat fone r u using now, mayb dat will help in telling u wat reasons to give him.
lol @ customers always right until proven stupid!...never heard that b4!!!!

RocNaija said...


"the costumers are always right until they are proven stupid"

And even then, they're still right..

Anonymous said...



rayo said...

reminds me of my grandpa. lol

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

lOl: this is sooooooooooooo typical of my mum (the convo) this was a good read! u probably dnt nid to get the bb honestly, it doesn't jus bug me!