Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess Who??

Would you believe i couldn't remember my blog.. I had to google search for about 45mins before i finally realized. sigh. Anyway how is everyone? *clearing cobwebs*.

I don't know if anyone checks my blog still but i missed you guys plenty! And best believe i would continue to ramble..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


has anyone ever had this feeling like they are being watched? like every step you take is being monitored and recorded or something? or is my paranoia just kicking in again??
when i walk into school, i feel like someone is looking at me and actually following me. i am thinking maybe it is all in my head-- but its getting more pronounced every day. (maybe its all in my head)

how can i call someone my friend when?
- i have to weigh every word i say
- if i say one thing to the person this night, in less than 24hours i would have heard the exact same thing from another person
-and thus i have to lie about everything and sometimes not say anything at all
-and this results to ME being the bad friend

anyway! i have soo much work to do now. so i will update you guys later. and i am sorry i have not been commenting on blogs, its just stress with school and work. but i do read them! :-)

p.s i am not over that guy in my last post. and nw i hear they are on a break =/


Sunday, September 6, 2009


am in trouble.. am lusting after my frnds boyfriend. i tried to make a deal with God. i felt like if i stay away from the things i really enjoy, that he will make it stop. this my method usually works for me so i thought the same will apply in this serious situation.. So i stayed away from twitter and blogging-- even reading blogs! i stayed away for like 3 weeks.. i had not even seen the dude or my friend for a long while nw; till yesterday..

the thing is that i had dated the boy before.. but i dndt tell her because she would have used that as an excuse not to date him. and i lied because i thought i was over him =/. plus she really really liked the dude..
i dont know what else to do.. i cant keep hiding and avoiding my friend and the dude..

i hope it will pass..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


hey guys..

i know i ave been missing for awhile. its not my fault o my laptop is just a messup; and i got it like last month. so now i am typing from a desktop (and it feels so wierd). i have really been caught up in this blog that i just found out about. the guy is hilariouss diary of a naija bad boi

Well i sent the email to my dad and he responded lol! this is a bit of the letter that i sent

1) my phone has been rendered technologically and socially incapable of performing most functions such as web browsing etc
2) it has most of the functions that are useful in our day and age
3) you know u dont want me to suffer
4)my present cellular phone goes is incapacitated as it erases data at its own will
5)as a student, the data in question is important to me
6)the phone has a very long life span so you dont have to worry about getting me a new one in the next two to three years
7) as my birthday is approaching i thought that this would be an early birthday present
8) you know you dont want me to suffer

yes i made a point twice.. it was for emphasis. nd i did not continue after number eight mehn. it was just a long thing. i was even having doubts about getting the phone. i sent the letter to his PA and forwarded it to his email. I did not get any reply from any of them. i just gave up on the whole issue and was thinking about how to persuade my mother to get me the phone instead. after what seemed like forever, my mum said that she doesnt have time for buying a new phone for me and that if she buys for one, she has to buy for all.

fastforward to three days ago. she arrived to see me and what did she bring with her?? my blackberry! he sent it through her; he did not want to give me the cash. i wanted the bold but he got me the tour... which i love even moree =]

p.s i was eating peppersoup and i put my finger in my eye.. typical me
is it true that lady gaga is a hemaprhodite?? ( abi is it an??)

sweet dreams y'll


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hello people!!

i have finally got the twitter bug.. i cant go a day without tweeting!! its so cool because u get to follow ur fav celebs and if u r lucky enough, they may actually reply you. i also know when they are streaming live!! its really cool.

anyway, its been awhile i know. i have been dulling. its rather sad. i am currently scouting for a new apartment so that is what has been taking my time and money. plus i think i am gonna quit from my current job. i am never working in retail ever again. the costumers are always right until they are proven stupid. i am working in the store so it makes sense that i will know where things are kept right? but nooo; some people just have to argue and try to do my job for me.. arghh!!

my daddy is a very funny man. lol. i told him that i need to get the black berry and that it only costs about $400. this is how the convo went

me- hi daddy
dad- hello my love. i guess you want something?
me- (innocent voice) ahh!! daddy am hurt! how can you say that?? can't i just call you?
dad- ha! u just call?? remember the last time you just called? you wanted some money..
me- i dont know about that daddy. i jst called to say that i love you--
dad- and i love you to.. so how much this time?
me- since you asked.. i want to change my phone..
dad- what wrong with your current phone?
me- nothing.. i just dont like it anymore?
d- is that so?? ok.. can u send txts with your phone?
me-yes daddy
d-can u call people with it?
me-yes daddy..
d- and u can take pictures with it yes?
me- yes daddy..
d- then you dont need a phone

i was like omg!!! tough much?? anyway after much begging.. this is the email i got.

"the new phone in question is still under consideration. i have attached in this email a letter headed paper and the format in which i want you to send an email to me. i want you to clearly state 10 reasons why you need this blackberry phone. i want it double spaced and in a size ten font. send a copy to my P.A and she will know what to do."

lmao!! i called my mum o! she just started laughing and told me to as i was "instructed" so i am still writing the letter o! now i am thinking the phone isn't worth it :-P 
suggestions anyone??


Thursday, July 9, 2009


my roomie is sooo lucky that i have a blog.. asin serzly.. i just wanted to hurl the nearest sharp item at her head and see how she likes it!
first of all.. the babe left the shower running in the washroom and went off to her room. when i got back from class what did i see? the whole apartment wet! when i knocked on her door, all she could say was "am so sorry laa!!"
secondly her boyfriend nearly burnt my poor kitchen down. only God knows what they were doing in the room that made him forget that he was FRYING something on the burner.. the smoke alarm went off and thus the firemen came.. all the while i just went "dont worry. everyone makes mistakes"
the height was when she threw my passport in the trash!! according to her she thought it was trash! like seriously! how does three booklets of green nigerian passport sealed in a ups envelope now look like trash?? i made her go to the big dump outside and look for my passport o! i stood beside her as she looked for the passport. but i saw it before she did and i took it before she saw it. but she still kept on looking while i laughed to myself.
the part that actually pissed me off was the fact that she did not even apologize or feel remorse! she just kept saying "its not my fault laa!!"
anyway i later told her that i had found it and she can chill. she came to my room this morning with chocolate muffins.. the crusty type (just how i like it) :-D so i am gonna cut her some slack.. just for nw..

take care!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

if there is one thing that i know that i have in my life its patience.. but when you keep quiet and try and actually be patient, people take you for a fool. i am a very nice happy-go-lucky kinda person; and i dont get angry easily.. but when i do...
as i write this post i am tryna vent some of my frustration and anger.. some people are definitely going down this night

i'll update later

p.s i am not mad o!!