Wednesday, April 22, 2009


u know how boys are always on your case when they want you to notice them and all of a sudden they just stop when they realize that they "have you". and then at this point poor you might honestly be falling for them or you might be in too deep.
i am just soo pissed off! there is this guy that has been on my case since like october last year and i have been putting him on a very long thing like not returning his fone calls and basically ignoring him . but then i was feeling bad for him and all because i thought he was very genuine. then i started responding a little like calling him back like once a week. i finally told him that i dont trust him because he is friends with my ex and i am sure that they are all the same. he swore on everything that he isnt like him and that he is cool and will never cheat or anything. i believed him.
and now that i finally tell him that i lie him he is relaxed and tryna "take things slow" ARRGGHHH!
and i really want to talk 2 him rite nw.



flabby said...

i hate when that happens!!

nameless said...

I knw! soo annoying

RocNaija said...

Lol.. Sometimes love is too technical..

nameless said...

true say.. why cant it be just straight foward??