Monday, April 27, 2009

once bitten twice shy...

i cant believe it.
my ex (not the one in my last post) has been on my case for like 5 months now. he has been begging me to come back with him. i did not want to because i think he is just very stupid. while we were dating, he told me that i was the only girl and that he has not been dating for awhile. and of course i believed him and he sounded so genuine. i later found out that he was still with his ex and has been with her for awhile now. when i confronted him about it, he swears that thy just got back and he was going to tell me very soon.. when is soon please? at least did he not have the decency to let me know before the reunion happened?
Anyway, he has been on my case since november saying that he is sorry and that he would not do it again. i told him to his face that i do not trust him and that he is very very silly for doing that to me. i kept begging and sending me messages and showing up at my doorstep and other very annoying things like that. so when that my baby messed up i decided to see if i could cut him some slack. i then decided to meet up with him so that we could discuss stuff. when we met up. i asked him if he was seeing anyone else and he said no. i asked again and i reminded him of whet he did last time. he said he was single but that he had a babe but the girl was to clingy so he broke up with her awhile back. he then apologized for what he did and promised never to do it again. i believed him and we decided to meet up later in the week
i woke up and what did i find on this facebook page? a whole album dedicated to him and his "ex" with comments like 'you guys look so cute' and 'you guys are meant to be'; and him replying with comments like 'yeah.. shes the one' and ' i love her so much'
i was like WTF?? how can you do this to me?! again!!!!

to say i feel stupid is an understatement.
he is gonna call today to when he should come pick me up.. hmmmm



Dee Brighton said...

hiss. .some boys are stupid i swear. something similar happened to me.. its weird how the dumbest ones are the ones that keep pulling us back. abeg make the guy your mugu and just let him be buying you credit and taking you for free food jare lol.

nameless said...

shey!! lmao!! i think i shud do dat
thanks :D

RocNaija said...

Dang.. He's a dumbass..
Lol @ Dee options for retail therapy

Pink Pages said... so soweei to hear that. My ex tried doing the same thing to me sme weeeks ago bt i told him i dont date my exs which i dnt bt i think Dees option is right.>Retail therapy all the way<


nameless said...

lol!! thanks guys.. really appreciate it..

Anonymous said...

Mchewww...delete hs dumb ass from ur life jor..
double mchewww

nameless said...

i ave oo!! am shappier now :D