Thursday, June 11, 2009

i ave some interesting habits.. i dunno if they are gud or bad..

i dunno how to eat bread properly.. like i eat the crusts and throw the middle bit away... its either dat or i just eat the top and the bottom of the loaf. i feel the "nutrients" and the "sweetness" can be found at those brown areas..

i dislike cereal. if it isnt sugar-coated or honey glazed; i cant eat it. the one i absolutely cannot stand is cheerios.

i hate whole milk. if i must take milk at all, it has to be partly-skimmed or completely skimmed.

i cant stand burgers. i think its bcos i had a lot of it when i was younger. if i had to take it. i'll just take out the meat and it the bottom bun..

this is the habit my frnds cant stand... if we go out 4 pizza, i jst take the hard bit of the pizza and throw the filling bit away..

if u gimme a dish of rice and chicken, it is likely that u r wasting your time bcos i will just eat the chicken and give you back the rice untouched

i dont like chocolate cake

if i have to take cake at all, i'll just eat the crusty bit.. :P

oh yh! i hate that unripe plaintain. esp when its cooked (secondary schl in naij)

i love beans, HATE moinmoin

i dunno if i am the only person who hates indomie. i have like boxes of dem sitting in my room.. maybe i shud start selling them :P

am too tired. i cant think anymore.. its like 3am.. i'll update it when i am strong enuf.. =/

tell me wot u think tho


juiceegal said...

Ok seriously speakin can i come and collect ur
I hate burger too,my frnds think im crazy cuz i neva follow them to macdonalds.
I think u have a thing for crusty things,not a bad habit per se.
As for the rice and chicken thing....i used to do that wen i was much younger.pple used to say i was spoilt

RocNaija said...

Can't imagine taking a girl out on a date and all she has is a chicken piece, pushing the the rice to the side. I'd be livid.. Lol
Then again it's probably easier to just order chicken. Problem is.. You can't just order the top and bottom of a loaf of bread.
:-D you're right. Your eating habits are weird.

Anonymous said...

err..yah ur eatin habits r wierd..
NOw i know not to bother to feed u if u ever come to my

PS can i have ur indomie biko?

Anonymous said...

u just described me....who the hell r u?....have u been following me??????
i like indomie and moimoi though but every other thing u said...thats just weird.

nameless said...

jucieegal.. pple think dat am spoilt.. i just think its because i had 2 much of it when i was younger.. :P

rocnaija- ur funny! but yh.. if i do go out with a dude and he orders rice for me i just eat it for his sake.. i wudnt want him 2 feel bad..

brokeass- LOL!! i like every oda food apart from that i think... so u knw wot 2 gimme if i do come :D

leegy- am so happy! lol! i tot i was d only one wiv d "habits".

p.s i ave started eating my indomie... babes are broke :P


Funms-the rebirth said...

how can u hate chocolate cake and indomie???? and choose chicken over rice? wow.... not good! i need to motivate u

yinkuslolo said...

i love crusty ish too. damn but i am down for rice anytime anyday, even from my sleep