Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i just want to dedicate this post to my parents..
its not easy oh! training 4 children + 1. i say plus 1 because they are training my cousin who is in ireland. then there is 1 in canada, 1 in london, 2 in yankee..

especially my mum.. she has travel all around the world to visit us; if she leaves naij in june, she doesnt get back till september or october. kmt..

i told them to put us all in one country.. at least one continent; so that it will be easy for her to see all of us..

just tot i shud share my thoughts :D


RocNaija said...

It's your dad that I think is the stronger person.. lol

Cos he's the one left fending for himself when the kids hijack his wife..

nameless said...

lol! dats true sha..
him alone in d house..but am sure is is used it it.. :P

juiceegal said...

Awwwwwww this is so nice........we need to appreciate our parents more.I'v just been inspired.Thanx for atoppin by at mine.

nameless said...

lol! no problem juiceegal..
i really enjoy ur posts :D

Miss Natural said...

you are hilarious! love it love it. eya ur mum is strong but...yeah you're dad is quite strong too. He must feel so alone!!!!

nameless said...

yh he does..
he like calls everyday just to see how we are doing.. but its all good though..
thanks for stopping by; really appreciate it.. :D