Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some babes are trying o!
they will be chopping shit from their so called boyfriends just so that they wont break up with them. just because he buys them LV purses and MK shoes.. isnt ur happiness worth a lot more than that?? how can you tell ur boyfriend "i love you" and the only reply you get is "i know you do".. Like yo!!! i dont think i can handle that from anyone!
the "boyfriend" will now be using you as errand gurl and chef. dont get me wrong.. there is nothing wrong with cooking for ur boyfriend; but when you take the pains to prepare something for him and he tells you that your cooking in "rubbish" and he "should have used the money to buy mcds instead"; doesnt that tell you something??

i called my mum as soon as i heard about MJ's death. if u see tears enh!! mehn! i knew she loved him.. but not that much!!. my dad is nw keeping a collection of all the LP's he had of him.. thriller, Bad, of the wall. etc.. he said he is gonna put them in a glass case and hang them on the wall of his study..

at the back of my mind i was like hmmn.. if not for the love i had for MJ and my dad, i would just sell those things off on ebay! apparently people will pay a lot for his original albums lol! but yeah. that is never gonna happen.. i might as well kiss my life goodbye!!



yinkuslolo said...

i feel u on those gfs slaving for their bfs stupidly.

Miss Natural said...

that is sad...but people do crazy things in the name of love and for the sake of possessions. lol so ur mum cried about MJ wowwww lol, ur parents must have been hooked on him :). It's good you're not serious about selling the stuff, ur dad wud just kill u lol

Anonymous said...
Na love blind some pipu eye na.

RocNaija said...

Wow.. Momsy cried??
Bless her..

Hmm.. Vinyls on ebay..You just gave me an idea right there y'kno..

Rene said...

itz just stupidity!
even my sister cried o!

nameless said...

@yinkuslolo- its rather sad..

@miss natural- thats true! i jst wonder if it is really worth it..

@brokeass- lmao! that kind of love is beyond me :P

@RocNaija- lol! i wonder hw much they will go for though..

@Rene awww!! she must have really loved him!


GiDiPwInCeSs said...

for the love of mj and everything he went through in his troubled life...dnt sell the originals..please..its real sad though.. the death of an still seems unreal sef.. i wonder if d ppl that bought tickets to his concert demanded refunds..

Anonymous said...

lol....i know u!

nameless said...

@ gidipwincess- i heard that they are though.. really sad..

@ leggy- lol! i knw.. i couldn't stop laughing when i heard it..

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

i am totally with you on the gf's being dumb with their boyfrends, this is my 1st tyme here aswell. My mum WEPT as well over MJ, she cut the fone while we were speaking aswell and she has made me go and look for his dvds and all that, i donon wer to start! lol

nameless said...

@ choclate and caramel- LOL!!
hope u have started buying o!! my mum called me when she was watching the memorial service.. i felt so sad for her..