Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some babes are trying o!
they will be chopping shit from their so called boyfriends just so that they wont break up with them. just because he buys them LV purses and MK shoes.. isnt ur happiness worth a lot more than that?? how can you tell ur boyfriend "i love you" and the only reply you get is "i know you do".. Like yo!!! i dont think i can handle that from anyone!
the "boyfriend" will now be using you as errand gurl and chef. dont get me wrong.. there is nothing wrong with cooking for ur boyfriend; but when you take the pains to prepare something for him and he tells you that your cooking in "rubbish" and he "should have used the money to buy mcds instead"; doesnt that tell you something??

i called my mum as soon as i heard about MJ's death. if u see tears enh!! mehn! i knew she loved him.. but not that much!!. my dad is nw keeping a collection of all the LP's he had of him.. thriller, Bad, of the wall. etc.. he said he is gonna put them in a glass case and hang them on the wall of his study..

at the back of my mind i was like hmmn.. if not for the love i had for MJ and my dad, i would just sell those things off on ebay! apparently people will pay a lot for his original albums lol! but yeah. that is never gonna happen.. i might as well kiss my life goodbye!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

i just rembered something funny that happened to me when i went back to nigeria for christmas. i was on my way to london and i was on the phone with my mum as i was passing the customs people. when the customs lady reached me, she looked at my passoport and went

"is this passport even legal?"

i was dumbfounded for a moment and my mum who was on the fone just started laughing so much.. i had to hang up so that i could understand what i just heard. i cudnt believe it. i dndt answer her and she asked again "is the nigerian passport legal?"

i was like wot do you think? she gave me dis look dat said "bite me". i was like wtf??

she had to go consult some people at the front before she could stamp my passport

the annoying thing was that i was the only nigerian person on the flight. i felt so embarassed. like i ave serzly chopped because this nigerian passport thingy. when i was still in highschool some white dude came to me and gave me 1 cent and went "for the children in africa"

i didnt even answer him. it was my frnd dat wanted to slap him.. lol!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

i ave some interesting habits.. i dunno if they are gud or bad..

i dunno how to eat bread properly.. like i eat the crusts and throw the middle bit away... its either dat or i just eat the top and the bottom of the loaf. i feel the "nutrients" and the "sweetness" can be found at those brown areas..

i dislike cereal. if it isnt sugar-coated or honey glazed; i cant eat it. the one i absolutely cannot stand is cheerios.

i hate whole milk. if i must take milk at all, it has to be partly-skimmed or completely skimmed.

i cant stand burgers. i think its bcos i had a lot of it when i was younger. if i had to take it. i'll just take out the meat and it the bottom bun..

this is the habit my frnds cant stand... if we go out 4 pizza, i jst take the hard bit of the pizza and throw the filling bit away..

if u gimme a dish of rice and chicken, it is likely that u r wasting your time bcos i will just eat the chicken and give you back the rice untouched

i dont like chocolate cake

if i have to take cake at all, i'll just eat the crusty bit.. :P

oh yh! i hate that unripe plaintain. esp when its cooked (secondary schl in naij)

i love beans, HATE moinmoin

i dunno if i am the only person who hates indomie. i have like boxes of dem sitting in my room.. maybe i shud start selling them :P

am too tired. i cant think anymore.. its like 3am.. i'll update it when i am strong enuf.. =/

tell me wot u think tho

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i just want to dedicate this post to my parents..
its not easy oh! training 4 children + 1. i say plus 1 because they are training my cousin who is in ireland. then there is 1 in canada, 1 in london, 2 in yankee..

especially my mum.. she has travel all around the world to visit us; if she leaves naij in june, she doesnt get back till september or october. kmt..

i told them to put us all in one country.. at least one continent; so that it will be easy for her to see all of us..

just tot i shud share my thoughts :D